The Great Pretender (Trailer)

107-minutowy dokument Rhysa Thomasa trafi do sklepów 24 września.


Lista utworów, które usłyszymy na ekranie:

  1. I Want to Break Free
  2. Mr Bad Guy
  3. Let Me Live (demo z Rodem Stewartem)
  4. There Must Be More to Life Than This (demo z Michaelem Jacksonem)
  5. I Was Born to Love You
  6. Nevermore
  7. Seven Seas of Rhye
  8. Killer Queen
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody
  10. Somebody to Love
  11. We are the Champions
  12. Don’t Stop Me Now
  13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  14. My Melancholy Blues
  15. Man Made Paradise
  16. Man Made Paradise
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody
  18. I Feel Love
  19. Love Kills
  20. Staying Power
  21. Somebody to Love
  22. It’s a Hard Life
  23. Vesti La Giubba
    (from I Pagliacci)
  24. Ah! Bello A Me Ritorna
    (from Norma)
  25. Let’s Turn It On
  26. O beau pays de la Touraine
    (from Les Huguenots)
  27. Foolin’ Around
  28. Love Me Like There Is No Tomorrow
    (instrumental version)
  29. Another One Bites the Dust
  30. Made In Heaven
    (instrumental version)
  31. Life is Real
  32. Is This the World We Created
  33. A Kind of Magic
  34. The Great Pretender
  35. Exercises in Free Love
  36. Exercises in Free Love
  37. Exercises in Free Love
  38. Exercises in Free Love
  39. Barcelona
  40. Barcelona
  41. The Fallen Priest
    (AKA Rachmaninov’s Revenge)
  42. The Golden Boy
  43. How Can I Go On
  44. I Want It All
  45. Innuendo
  46. Delilah
  47. Who Wants to Live Forever
  48. A Winter’s Tale
  49. A Winter’s Tale
  50. Living On My Own
  51. Barcelona
  52. Barcelona
  53. Made in Heaven
  54. When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing

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