Queen Poland

The biggest polish site about Queen

Queen Live in Budapest 1986

1 Intro
2 One Vision
3 Tie Your Mother Down
4 In The Lap Of Gods
5 Seven Seas Of Rhye
6 Tear It Up
7 It’s A Kind Of Magic
8 Under Pressure
9 Who Wants To Live Forever
10 I Want To Break Free
11 Guitar Solo
12 Now I’m Here
13 Love Of My Life
14 Tavasziszel
15 Is This The World We Created
16 Tutti Frutti
17 Bohemian Rhapsody
18 Hammer To Fall
19 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
20 Radio Ga Ga
21 We Will Rock You
22 Friends Will Be Friends
23 We Are The Champions
24 God Save The Queen


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